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After completing film direction studies in Paris, I had the chance to start in the industry, as a "video assistant" on Martin Scorsese's Kundun : a unique and privileged opportunity to watch, listen, learn, a few feet behind a legendary director. 

Since then I had the opportunity to build my career as an “assistant director“ on a large scale of  projects : 
From hollywood high budget features such as Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Munich, Hugo or The Hunger Games... to european features with Academy Awards winning directors such as Danis Tanovic and berlin & cannes film festival selectees such as : Teona Mitevska, Laïla Marrakchi... not to forget, television projects with Emmy Awards winning directors on tv series such as : Sex and the City (Tim Van Patten, Michael Patrick King), Entourage (Mark Mylod), Homeland (Daniel Minahan, Lesli Linka Glatter) or The Spy (Gideon Raff)...

These complementary experiences, have allowed me to achieve a high level of efficiency, a thorough organization, a precise crew, cast & extras' management but also the necessary flexibility, adaptability and “know-how“ in order to find creative solutions with less means...

Philosophy of work :

As a 1st AD, I strongly believe that films can be made in a respectful & positive working atmosphere for cast and crew while always commanding the necessary authority and without giving up any efficiency to run the set. I consider it is important to understand what the crew is up against trying to do their jobs and to treat everybody with respect while making sure to keep the film and production on tracks.

Location experience :
Working in over 25 countries around the world, I have gathered an extensive field practice in places such as : france, united kingdom (england & scotland), belgium, germany, czech republic, austria, italy, spain, monaco, hungary, north macedonia, malta, bosnia & herzegovina, slovenia, morocco, tunisia, turkey, qatar, united arab emirates, oman, saudi arabia, india, thailand, china, the philippines...

Each foreign experience, have reminded me, that sometimes, there can be different ways to do the same task and that things can run smoothly on set if we know how to listen, watch, adapt, organize, anticipate & well communicate with local crews...

Years after having started in the industry, I am still amazed on the first day of shoot of an international project : at this “magic moment“ where film crews from different cultures & countries succeed to speak the same “film language“ : like puzzle pieces, magically assembling on the sound of : Roll Sound !

Languages :
Born in Casablanca, Morocco, I am trilingual and fluently speak : French, English & Arabic, have elementary proficiency in Spanish and some basic knowledge in Italian, Serbo-Croatian & Macedonian languages...

Guilds & Organizations :
I am a proud member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA), past vice-president & active board member of the French Association of Assistant Directors (AFAR) and a member of the French Academy of Arts & Cinema Techniques (Les César)

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